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  • Jay Liang the Founder of HK Blockchain Association will be the Guest of InnoKOL Virtual Interview

    Innoverview will talk with Mr.Jay Liang, the Founder and Co-chairman of Hong Kong Blcockchain Association on April 29th 8pm in the InnoKOL wechat group.

    As the Veteran PE, VC and hedge fund professional with over 25 years in experience from Wall Street to Asia Pacific, Mr. Liang is a successful entrepreneur and financial professional having founded OES Capital Group with billion plus US Dollars in total AUM. Mr. Liang is also Founder and Managing Partner of GSR Matrix Fund, and Partner of GSR Capital Group.

    He is also an active speaker on trade, public policy, geopolitical issues, and frontier technology investment including AI, blockchain, cloud computing in US Congress, United Nations, Chinese American communities, Europe and Asia Pacific industrial and professional forums and a contributing social leader as Honorary Chairman of US-China CEO Organization, Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Founding Vice Chairman of Taiwan Future Study Society, Founding Executive Director of SoCal Mont Jade Science and Technology Association and previously Asia Pacific Public Policy Board Chair for Rand Corporation and Founding Board Member of SoCal Asia Society.

  • The Inspirational Speaker and Business Strategies Expert Mr. Philippe GERWILL will be the guest of InnoKOL S2 E1

    Global innovators' inspiring platform  Innoverview will talk with Mr. Philippe GERWILL on InnoKOL live interview on Jan.17th 6pm.

    He is a TEDx and inspirational speaker, a digitalization humanist, a futurist and a mentor/coach with a proven record of accomplishment especially in the IT, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries.

    He is regularly speaking at major events in Europe but also in Asia where he became an Industry Advisor for Healthcare at IoTSG, the Singapore based biggest special interest group around the Internet of Things in South East Asia, beginning of 2018.

    Philippe recently received an “Oversea Think Tank Expert Award” granted by Chinese government officials during the 3rd World Intelligence Congress held in Tianjin in May 2019.

    He became an Executive Advisor at the IMA (International Manufacturing Alliance) and at the A.Brain Group. Founded in 1999 in Tianjin, A.BRAIN Corporation Group is the originator and facilitator of China's leading LEAN Management brand and SMART manufacturing, whose mission is to lead and accompany "Made in China" to "Created in China".

    He is also an official mentor at the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women since beginning of 2018 as well as an Advisor for Antler, a Singapore based incubator and VC company, in their new branch in London since March 2019 and an Advisor for WISeKey, a leading information security and identity management company based in Geneva, Switzerland since January 2020.

  • 6th Huangpu River Forum: The Gathering Call of Chinese Angel Investors is Sounded in the Cold Winter

    On Dec. 3rd, 2019, the curtain falls at WH Ming Hotel Shanghai to mark the successful annual “China Angel Investors Summit and 6th Huangpu River Forum”.


    With the theme of “New Power of Science and Technology ·Enabling New Business”, this forum gathered dozens of government officials and institutional experts, as well as hundreds of entrepreneurs, media partners and 1000+ attendees all over China to jointly study and evaluate the trends and opportunities of VC and grasp the pulse of change and innovation.


    This forum is directed by People’s Government of Shanghai Yangpu District, hosted by Shanghai Angel VC Consulting Center, co-hosted by Financial Services Office of Yangpu District, organized by Beijing Max Maker and co-organized by China(Shanghai) Public Training Base for Entrepreneurs and China VC Golf Club. Mr.Guo Wei, the Founder of Max PR served as the MC of the forum, which included keynote speech, roundtable discussion, “Angel Investors Night” reception and so on.

  • Xiaolongnv live hall takes you on the Blockchain "roller coaster"

    Xiaolongnv live broadcasting hall jointly built by Luji Institute and Shenlong Community was held at 3:00 p.m. on group TV and ggate. IO platform for the third session with the theme of "Blockchain" roller coaster, are you sitting still? Live video sharing.Xiaolongnv through the form of live video, exchange with you to discuss the hot news on the block chain industry, analysis of the causes of market volatility and other topics. More than 500 people watched the live broadcast, and fans commented on the event and grabbed red envelopes. The atmosphere was very lively!This live broadcast by the industry category of many media support, on behalf of Luji Insititute, xiaolong nv wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • The Fintech, AI and Innovation Consultant Mr.Richard Turrin Will Be Guest of Innoverview Live Interview

    Innoverview will interview the Fintech, AI and Innovation Consultant Mr.Richard Turrin on Oct.30th. 

    Rich Turrin is the international best-selling author of “Innovation Lab Excellence: Digital Transformation from Within” and an award-winning executive with more than 20 years of experience in fintech innovation. He is an independent fintech and AI consultant, helping clients navigate the uncharted waters associated with the latest cognitive technologies. He previously headed fintech for IBM Cognitive Studios Singapore (IBM’s Innovation Lab) and worked for IBM China where he led his team to win the prestigious “Risk Technology Product of the Year” award for his unique hybrid-cloud solution to risk analytics. Learn more:

  • The Sensory & Consumer Sciences Expert Herbert Stone, PhD will be Guest of Innoverview Online Interview

    Innoverview will interview the sensory & consumer sciences giant,Herbert Stone, PhD on Sept.28th 11am(GMT+8).

    Herbert Stone, PhD, CFS

    Received his BSc and his MSc from the Univ. of Massachusetts, his PhD in Nutrition from the Univ. of California, Davis.   Was associated with the Research Institute at Stanford University from 1962-1974.   Established Tragon Corporation in 1974 (providing consulting and testing services in sensory and consumer behavior) and left the company in 2007; now is an independent consultant.  

    Author of more than 150 publications and book chapters and the co-author of Sensory Evaluation Practices, 5th edition (in preparation).  

    Received numerous awards: IFT Cal Wiley Service Award, the Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement award, the David R. Peryam Award from ASTM, the Award of Distinction from the Univ. of California at Davis, the Harris Award from Ohio State University for contributions to Food Science and Technology and the Service Award from IFT’s International Division.

    Was the Scientific Editor, 2007 - 2018 for Sensory Evaluation and Quality for the Journal of Food Science.  Member, Board of Directors and President of IFT, 2004-2006.  Developed cooperative programs between IFT and CIFST (the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology), served as co-organizer of IFT/CIFST Summit Conferences, Editorial Board, Global Food Technology.  Currently is a Visiting Professor at Zhejiang Gongshang University. 

  • The Aviation and Hospitality Expert Sandeep Bahl will be Guest of Innoverview Online Interview

    IInnoverview will interview one of the aviation and hospitality  industrial giants,Sandeep Bahl of Q&A Business Advisory on Sept.25th 8pm(GMT+8).

    Sandeep has over 25 years of business aviation experience, much of which has been in the Asia Pacific Region. He is Chief Airline Advisor for Q&A Business Advisory and Director for US-India Aviation Program (ACP). He has held key leadership roles executing Market access and entry, Developing Sales Channels and Revenue Generation, Building Marketing, Finance and Operations related infrastructure for a number of major Airlines and related industries. Sandeep has a diverse cultural understanding and has worked in various companies from US, India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Maldives and China.

  • William M. Genovese from Huawei will be Guest of Innoverview Online Interview

    Innoverview will interview one of the industrial giants,William M. Genovese, VP, CORPORATE STRATEGY PLANNING & RESEARCH –BANKING & FINANCIAL MARKETS of Huawei Technologies on Sept.16th 8pm(GMT+8) in InnoKOL chat group,which is engaged in interviewing and networking for all all bilingual industrial giants from emerging industries including Fintech, tourism, retail, real estate and AI.

    WILLIAM (BILL) M. GENOVESE is a multi-certified, patent-holding executive offering 20+ years of C-suite technology and business leadership experience, with specialization in creating, deploying and managing high-end enterprise systems across Fortune 500 organizations. His dynamic professional history includes tenures with newly formed startups and high-profile financial services and technology corporations such as IBM and KPMG. Having lived and worked across Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas, Bill has acquired considerable multicultural awareness and unmatched adaptability. Navigating communication and cultural obstacles to align resources toward common business objectives is one of his greatest assets.

    Setting in motion the vision and plans to fuel growth and profitability is where Bill excels. He’s known by colleagues as a turnaround specialist and laser-focused business strategist. Under his guidance, companies transform
    into peak-performing, revenue-generating machines. The business side of operations is only one area in which Bill thrives. He’s equally skilled on the technology side. Drawing on a passion for innovation and technology development, he’s been deeply involved in bringing novel solutions to fruition leveraging expertise in enterprise architecture, solution architecture and engineering as well as software development integration, cloud computing and AI / analytics.