X removes NFT profile pictures: What does this mean for crypto art?

2024/01/17 Innoverview Read

The removal of support for nonfungible token (NFT) profile pictures on X (formerly Twitter) sparked discussions among community members on what the move may mean for the NFT space. 

On Jan. 10, X removed support for NFTs almost a year after its rollout. The platform implemented the feature on Jan. 20, 2022, allowing paid subscribers to link their NFTs to their Twitter profile pictures. This will turn their profile picture into a hexagonal shape and provide a verification mechanism that the image is an NFT. 

Many reacted to the removal of NFT profile pictures, with some arguing that it would be harder to spot fake accounts, while others speculate that it might be a move to sell exclusive X NFTs in the future. 

An NFT holder on X brought up the issue of fake accounts. The NFT supporter argued that removing NFT profile pics would make it more difficult to spot fraudulent and imposter accounts. “As if we don’t have enough problems with fake accounts and scams on Crypto Twitter already.”

why did elon remove the hexagon nft pfp from x?

this was an important feature for subscribed users to help identify owners of the nft apart from scammers

i do not support this decision

— drone (@dronerogan) January 10, 2024

Another X user described the move as “another black eye” for the industry. The community member also brought up the issue of fake accounts and said that the NFT profile pictures allowed users to verify that the person they were interacting with was not trying to lure them into a trap. 

Meanwhile, X account Autism Capital posted that the new development marks the “end of an era,” while another person turned to memes to bring up the issue of scammers. 

“X removes support for NFT profile pictures”

Fake BAYC pfp scammers: 

— snivy (@solsnivy) January 10, 2024

Meanwhile, community members are speculating on what billionaire Elon Musk plans for the future. On Reddit, one user theorized that the move might be followed by the platform selling NFTs that are exclusive to X. Another user supported the comment by bringing up Reddit’s digital collectibles that successfully onboarded 10 million users into the NFT space.

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