Addressing Web3 marketing challenges with geotargeting and AI tools

2024/07/03 Innoverview Read

Midle, a task-to-earn platform, introduces a suite of new features like geotargeting, AI-powered antibot systems and a utility token to enhance user engagement and authenticity in the Web3 ecosystem.

The landscape of digital marketing has undergone a significant transformation over the past decade. From the early days of banner ads and email campaigns to the sophisticated use of data analytics and social media strategies, marketing has continually evolved to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world.

As we move into the era of Web3, this evolution takes another leap forward. Web3, characterized by decentralized technologies and blockchain, promises new opportunities for brands to connect with audiences in ways that were previously unimaginable.

However, Web3 marketing is not without its challenges. As brands seek to navigate the complexities of Web3 marketing, innovative solutions are emerging to address these unique hurdles.

Midle is a task-to-earn platform where users earn rewards by completing social media and onchain tasks. By facilitating these tasks, Midle aims to boost user acquisition, retention and engagement for brands. The platform supports a variety of social media activities and onchain tasks across more than 200 networks.

Overcoming market reach challenges in Web3

Due to its decentralized and anonymous nature, one of the significant challenges in the Web3 ecosystem is for brands to effectively reach specific local markets. 

Cointelegraph Accelerator participant Midle addresses this issue with its new geotargeting feature, which allows brands to create campaigns visible only to users in specific regions or countries. For instance, a gaming project targeting European users can ensure their campaign reaches only those within the desired geographic area. The geotargeting feature enhances the precision of marketing efforts, allowing brands to achieve more effective and localized engagement.

Ensuring sustained engagement

Sustaining long-term engagement with users has been another persistent challenge in the Web3 space. Often, users engage with brands only to complete tasks and then disengage, which undermines the continuity of brand-user interaction.

By preventing users from taking back likes or retweets after completing tasks, Midle’s Engagement Guard feature ensures that brands maintain steady and genuine engagement with their audience. Engagement Guard helps brands establish a sustainable line of communication and interaction, fostering relationships that last with their user base.

Addressing bot issues with AI-powered solutions

The prevalence of bot users on questing platforms is a major concern, leading to skewed engagement metrics and reduced authenticity. To combat this issue, Midle has developed an antibot system powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The system analyzes users’ wallet addresses and behavior patterns to detect suspicious activities, ensuring that only genuine users participate in tasks and campaigns.

Furthermore, the AI tool can predict user participation in future campaigns, providing brands with insights into potential engagement levels. This predictive capability enables brands to better plan and optimize their marketing strategies.

Utility token for enhanced engagement

Midle has announced the launch of its utility token, MIDLE. Projects that use the Midle token for transactions will enjoy discounts and access to premium features, while users will gain entry to exclusive campaigns.

Additionally, users who stake Midle tokens will earn rewards in the form of tokens from projects running airdrop campaigns on the platform. Midle has announced that MIDLE token airdrop will be distributed to users who participate in campaigns by completing tasks on the platform.

The evolution of digital marketing

Midle CEO Kavin Mahbubani highlighted the evolution of digital marketing, noting that it continually develops new methods for brands to reach users. “With the entrance of the Web3 world into our lives, a new era in digital marketing has begun,” said Mahbubani, adding:

“As Midle, we aim to play a leading role in Web3 marketing with the technologies we have developed.”

With features like geotargeting, Engagement Guard and AI-powered antibot systems, Midle enhances user engagement while ensuring authenticity and targeted marketing for brands. The impending launch of its utility token promises to add further value, making Midle a compelling platform for both users and brands in the decentralized space.

In the future, platforms like Midle are set to play a crucial role in overcoming the unique challenges of Web3 marketing, paving the way for more effective and authentic brand-user interactions.

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