InnoKOL | Lucas Perez: Metaverse Is Very Promising for Healthcare

2022/08/22 Innoverview Read

On Aug.22nd (GMT+8), InnoKOL had a fascinating conversation with Mr. Lucas Perez, the Founder & Strategic Expert in Health and Autonomy at Health My Project, talking about his unique work experience in providing innovative healthcare solutions and profound insights on blockchain & metaverse for health.


Jokia: How would you describe yourself in three words? What’s your motto?


I would say curious, careful and enthusiastic

My favorite motto is: "More than a product, innovation is a service". Innovation is a way of thinking.


Jokia: Can you please share more about your educational and professional background? And we’d love to hear what brought you to healthcare & autonomy domain.


I have a degree in public health and I'm a former researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research where I've worked on a French National report about innovation for fragile people. I've also written my university dissertation on geotechnologies which are functional & cognitive tech for seniors). Then I've worked for the pharma industry where I was in charge of setting guidelines in digital health (especially concerning apps for diabetics). In 2016, I took my first steps as a strategical expert in a Parisian startup where we have created the 1st labeling process to assess automatically and humanly all mobile apps in healthcare.


After many projects analyzed in digital health & tech for autonomy, I was wondering how to make more credibility & visibility for all these innovative projects in healthcare. That's why, I’ve co-created HEALTH MY PROJECT with pool of doctors (30 different medical specialties) and strategists. According to a Forbes report, I would like to add that there are more than 8 million mobile apps not just for health in the world and China is 40% of mobile app spending showing a real interest from Chinese people and a high level of use and adoption for mobile & connected health solution. There are also billions of connected devices.


Jokia: The global pandemic has accelerated many trends in the healthcare, how the pandemic will shape the next wave of healthtech innovation?


Pandemic has paralyzed a lot of on-site health services such as medical consultation in office. Peak of teleconsultations have been recorded in Europe, US and China. That's why pandemic is teaching us that use and adoption of healthtech solution depend on patient needs but also on political, social, cultural and economic factors.


Jokia: As longevity is becoming the new norm, it will immensely transform the world we live in and shape future consumer demand. How should businesses recognize the overarching impact of ageing and rising longevity and embrace the opportunities it will bring?


Longevity is not just about an average lifespan. It’s something bigger. Companies that want to go to this market (longevity economy) could go to a niche market such as for high proteins food for seniors over 80 years old or go to a global market offering holistic solutions taking in account biological, functional and social aspects of ageing.


Jokia: Medicine has long been driven by data, from making diagnoses to prescribing treatments. How IoT is transforming healthcare?


IoT is transforming healthcare thanks to the huge amount of data and connected devices that collected them. It makes healthcare more précised, flexible, customized and affordable.


Jokia: As medical devices become more advanced and the Software as a medical Device (SaMD) industry boom, it is crucial to make sure medical devices are cyber-secure. How to improve healthcare IT cybersecurity from your perspective?


Privacy & security will be crucial to make healthcare safer. Privacy is the art of protecting the right of the user-patient by collecting consent. Security is the art to put in place an IT architecture to avoid attacks and data theft!


Jokia: How can mobile health clinics improve access to healthcare?


Mobile health clinics is one of the best ways to monitor and treat people wherever they live. It must offer flexible and affordable care for isolated and vulnerable people who can't go to a medical office.


Jokia: What role is Metaverse playing in reshaping the healthcare sector?


Metaverse is very promising for healthcare. We'll have replica of our face, organs, DNA connected in real-time and making the bridge between the real and the virtual world. Teleconsultation will be in a virtual hospital or office, there will be meta digital campus for learners and young doctors and participant in a e-clinical trial will earn money or cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services in this virtual world.


Lucas Perez is a Medical & Strategical Expert in Health & Autonomy, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur.

Scientific Publications, Projects & Books(partial):

● 2012-2013 : InnoServ Project – Innovation For Fragile Populations – funded by the

French Ministery of Higher Education & Research

● October 2013 : Are Political & Legal Issues of Technologies for Autonomy an Obstacle to

their Dissemination ? / Les Enjeux Politiques et Juridiques liés aux Technologies pour

l'Autonomie sont-ils un Obstacle pour leur Diffusion ?

● March 2016 : 1st French Practice Guide to Design & Develop a Healthcare Mobile App

● September 2016 : mHealth Quality: A Collaborative Multidimensional Label For Mobile

Health Apps

● 2018 : Senior Mobile Health Apps: Identification of Use Cases

● November 2019 : Succeed in the Economy of Thinking

● May 2020 : Thought Processes, Neuroscience and Transhumanism: Welcome to the

Economy of Thinking!


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